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The Curious Learning Engine helps you build your CQ, or Curious Quotient.

We developed the Curious Learning Engine after two years and 5,000,000 learning sessions. It is based on learning science which shows people who stretch their brain—in other words, build their Curious Quotient (CQ)—for a few minutes a day are happier, more successful, and live longer. Learn more about the research behind Curious.

  • 1 The CQ Interview:

    First, tell the Curious Learning Engine about yourself, and your experience levels, and what you’re curious about. You can also choose a learning focus, to build mastery.

    Example curiosity Example quiz
  • 2 The CQ Wheel:

    一本道最新高清无码Based on your interview, the Curious Learning Engine generates your personalized CQ Wheel. It helps you visualize your learning progress throughout each month, and compares it to your goals and interests. Share your wheel with friends for extra motivation!

    mind/body Topics:

    Food + Nutrition
    Personal Growth
    Style + Beauty
    Mental Wellbeing
    Yoga + Pilates
    Physical Therapy
    Emotional Health
    Self Defense
    Life Skills
    Learning funnel
    Learning wheel Learning wheel overlay Learning wheel band

    Everyone's CQ Wheel is unique. See what yours looks like.

    Example wheel 1 Example wheel 2 Example wheel 3
  • 3 Your CQ Workout:

    Once you have your CQ Wheel, the Learning Engine sends you a daily workout for your brain. It recommends the best way to build your CQ and achieve your monthly learning goals. You’ll learn interesting facts, view bite-sized lessons, take in-depth courses, and even watch fascinating conversations with curious people.

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